Shifter Romances

Please be aware that these stand-alone shifter romances contain explicit sexual content and should only be read by individuals 18 years of age and over.

Bearly_a_VikingBearly a Viking

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When Edith’s town is raided and her husband killed, everything changes. Claimed by one of the conquerors, the mighty Ásbjörn, the journey to a new land is filled with wild seas and foreign tongues. And that’s not all; some of the invaders barely seemed human, taking the forms of beasts to burn her village to the ground.

In the aftermath, Edith does what she can to survive in her wild new home, changing and adapting to their ways… but the greatest surprise may be the change in her heart.

Can her new-found feelings for Ásbjörn survive the truth of his identity?

This new shape shifter paranormal werebear romance is Lacey’s first in a new series of shifter romances.

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Saving_the_Wolf_newSaving the Wolf

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When Miss Regina Lily meets Geoffrey Woodsworth while he is recovering in rehab from a cocaine addiction, she feels an instant attraction to him, despite the damage it would do to her already-tainted reputation.

For his part, Geoffrey worries that he may have just made the worst first impression ever, until the next time she visits. But…Geoffrey has a dangerous secret – one that chains him to the walls of his rehab facility during each full moon.

When he escapes the confines of his prison and Regina finds him, will his dangerous side prove to be more than she can survive?

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Love_BitesLove Bites

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In the cinders of post-war London, Aidan Turner is as listless as the rest of his countrymen: without a plan for his future, and haunted by nightmares that reek of his days serving his country. Perhaps it is that darkness that pulls him and Charlotte together — dark, mysterious Charlotte, appearing first as a goddess of a woman in an alleyway, and then as a cat.

That’s right, a cat. Intrigued by the young veteran, Charlotte stays close, infiltrating his home and even sleeping on his stomach in feline form. For Charlotte, pale and slender, is in truth one of those eternal predators — a vampire, whose thirst for Aidan runs deeper than just for his blood…

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Shifter_at_the_SpeakeasyShifter at the Speakeasy

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At the height of the Jazz Age, Millicent, or Milly, moves from a small town to the big city with the hopes of striking it big, and ends up working at a nightclub, paying her bills with her enchanting voice. And enchanting it truly is, catching the attention of two eligible young men — Jackson and Albert, who are as strong as they are handsome.

Thus, the competition for Milly’s attention begins, and only escalates as the two men compete for her heart, but they have a secret even she doesn’t know, a secret they share only with each other, the full moon, and the rest of their packs…

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