Shadow Grove

A Young Adult paranormal series about witches, sorcery, and the occult, the Shadow Grove series follows the life of Ariel Temple, the discovery of her witch heritage, and the unknown enemies she has to face while choosing between her human life and her occult life.

The_Chosen_OneSeries Prequel: The Chosen One

What would you do if the leader of your coven forbid you from seeing your best friend, and then forced you to practice dark magic?

Nevia was born into her coven and feels the strength of their blood bond every day as she learns her craft. Part of her training brings her to an historic library that is kept by a human couple and their two sons.

When tragedy strikes both the coven and the human family, Nevia must make a decision. Should she risk everything to protect the innocent humans she has grown to love…or blindly follow her coven’s new King?

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Shadow_GroveBook 1: Shadow Grove

What would you do if you turned 18 and found out you were a witch?

Ariel Temple is leading a perfectly normal existence. She does well in school and mostly keeps to herself. She lives with her father and wonders why they have never visited her grandfather, even though they speak to him every week on the phone.

When her grandfather suddenly dies, Ariel and her father must travel to Shadow Grove to settle his affairs. Shadow Grove holds many, many secrets, not the least of which is what really happened to Ariel’s mother and why her grandfather left her a powerful amulet before he died.

When she finds out she is a witch, Ariel has some decisions to make. But first, who can she trust…the mysterious man who appears in her dreams or the recluse whom her father clearly despises?

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the_PhantomBook 2: The Phantom

A secret coven. A young witch’s discovery. A ghost’s turmoil.

Young witch Ariel needs to learn as much as she can as fast as she can to stay ahead of her developing powers. When a wayward ghost seeks her help to return to the afterlife from her mentor, Orin, the old man who keeps secrets from her, and from her guardian, Isaac, the young man whose secrets she keeps, propose two different but equally dangerous solutions. Which solution will Ariel choose? And who will get hurt along the way?

The Phantom is book two in the Shadow Grove series of young adult occult mystery novels. If you like supernatural worlds, mysterious witches, and heroines who are desperate to find the truth, then you’ll love Lacey Edward’s series on the powerful coven of Shadow Grove.

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