Remembering Raven

The Remembering Raven series follows the life (actually, the lives) of Raven LeClaire, a psychic, and her true love, vampire Viktor Thorssen.  Together, they must stop a sadistic serial killer from murdering young women in New Orleans before he stops them forever.

Please be aware that this series contains explicit sexual content and should only be read by individuals 18 years of age and over.

v5Series Prequel: Always Mine

Ravynne and Viktor Thorssen are happily married and live on a farm just outside of a Scandinavian village in 1456. They are true soul mates and can hardly bear to be away from each other. Life is extremely happy and wonderful for the two of them. Until, one day, evil enters their lives and threatens to destroy everything forever.

Beautiful young women from the village begin to go missing never to be seen again. No one has a clue as to what is happening to these young women, but there is a lot of fearfulness among the residents. Ravynne is relieved that she and Viktor live far enough away from the village that they should be safe enough.

Ravynne has a special secret that only Viktor shares and it is this secret that may allow her to see what is happening to these young women. She has a gift. Visions come to her unbidden and they usually appear in times of stress and/or danger. In the past, she has used information gained during these visions to assist villagers without them ever knowing. But she dared not share this secret with anyone other than Viktor. They both know that she is likely to be accused of something that might get her executed.

When the first vision appears to her, she is given clues as to what is happening to the young women. The next vision shows even more. While she tells Viktor, she cannot tell anyone else. Together, they vow to come up with a plan to somehow warn the villagers. However, before they can actually do that, something much worse comes into their lives and gives them all the answers they were searching for even though these answers may be deadly.

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fin1Book 1: Cheyenne

What started as a regular day in the life of Raven LeClaire, co-owner of The Little Shop of Secrets, an occult book shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans, turns into something much different.

Her rather routine life as a Tarot card reader at the shop comes to a halt as private investigator, Viktor Thorssen, enters the shop. Tall, blonde and gorgeous, Viktor actually wants to question Raven. One of her Tarot clients, Cheyenne Moreau, went missing after she left the shop following a reading from Raven and hasn’t been heard from since.

Raven experiences an immediate and physical reaction to Viktor. She feels an attraction to him like she has never experienced. She is also positive that she has seen him somewhere, but he denies it and she cannot remember.

What Raven does not know is that Viktor holds some secrets that will put her life into even greater turmoil. He recognizes her and knows exactly where they met and how much they once meant to each other. It is all he can do to control himself, and let her remember on her own.

Although Raven may enjoy learning this secret, Viktor’s other secret is dark and deadly. If Raven discovers this part of him, she may run far away, and he will lose her forever. He must keep that from happening at all costs for, if he were to lose her again; it would destroy him.

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sabineBook 2: Sabine

Raven LeClaire is still reeling from the murder of a young woman that turned out to be a reading client when there is another disappearance. On top of her connection to the victims, she is grappling with some newly discovered psychic abilities that have appeared, seemingly, from nowhere.

Then there is the very handsome and sexy Viktor Thorssen. She knows that he wants her as much as she wants him but he keeps turning away from her at the last minute. As frustrating as it is for her, she has no idea of the turmoil that he is suffering at having to keep her at arm’s length.

There are secrets that Raven needs to know before Viktor will feel comfortable entering a physical relationship with her. He feels that there is too much going on in her life at the moment and he does not want to overwhelm her by confessing his secrets to her. And he has many of them.

Things are quickly escalating as another beautiful young woman becomes a victim of horrible torture and murder. When she appears to Raven, she and Viktor are, once again, drawn into a deadly game where someone quite dangerous is controlling the players. While the police have no real leads, Viktor thinks he may have an idea of who is behind it all.

He has an enemy that dates back centuries. This is an enemy that he thought he was rid of forever. Now, as it turns out, that may not be quite true. All he knows is that he must stop this monster before both he and Raven become victims again.

Is Raven ready to hear the whole truth? Viktor knows that the only way he has a chance of winning is to tell her everything. But can he risk it?

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allegra-coverBook 3: Allegra

Raven LeClaire is starting to move past the two horrible murders that have targeted her Tarot reading clients. Although she has vowed to stay actively involved with solving these highly puzzling deaths, she is finally allowing herself to get closer to the handsome Viktor Thorssen. The two of them feel the centuries old connection between them and have given into everything that sort of bond brings with it.

Raven’s best friend and business partner, Allegra Canelle, has been acting like a school girl since she has met the elusive and mysterious Philippe. Because of her relationship with him, Allegra has been shirking all of her responsibilities including holding up her end of things at The Little Shop of Secrets. She agrees to sell her half of the shop to Raven so that she can be free to spend more time with Philippe.

Raven is finally beginning to be truly happy in life. She has a thriving business that she can now call her own. Viktor and she had a relationship filled with both undying love and passion. Not only that, but she has recalled much of their previous life together in the 14th century.

Not everything is happy, though. She has seen danger ahead for Allegra as well as a new Tarot client and neither of the women will listen to her. When tragedy does strike seemingly without warning, Viktor makes a decision that will change the lives of all of them. Believing that he is doing the right thing, he is not fully prepared for the reaction that he gets from Raven.

Whatever else may happen, however, Viktor is determined not to lose the love of his life – his soul mate – ever again. No matter what it takes to keep them together, he will do it.

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nanette-cover-1Book 4: Nanette

Tarot card reader and reluctant psychic, Raven LeClaire, has been having quite a time of it lately. She and her soul mate, Viktor Thorssen, have found each other only to be torn apart by perceived lies and dishonesty. After having lost her best friend, she is not able to forgive Viktor’s part in things even though she still harbors deep feelings for him.

Viktor has rediscovered Raven, his lost love, only to lose her again. He is doing everything he can to win her back after making some admittedly bad decisions where she is concerned.

In the midst of their emotional entanglements, Raven and Viktor must do all they can to try to save another young woman from being attacked. Thus far, the attackers have been men who have no memory of committing these atrocious acts. Nor do they remember the men that they had been during the attacks. They have all given false names to the women they meet and romance up to the time they became murderous.

Nanette Marchand is a lovely young woman who has sought out Raven’s advice through a Tarot reading and Raven tried to warn her to stay away from this new man she is seeing. Nanette chooses not to heed Raven’s advice and continues to see the man. Before long, however, it becomes clear that she has put herself in terrible danger; danger that would not have been present if she had only listened to Raven in the first place.

When Nanette returns to The Little Shop of Secrets for more advice from Raven, she is out of her mind with fear. Raven offers to help her, but will it be too late to fully protect this young woman from the evil intentions of the latest New Orleans murderer? Or will Nanette succumb as women before her have?

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juliana-cover-1Book 5: Juliana

Raven LeClaire, Tarot reader and reluctant psychic, has been through hell and back in the last few months. Together with losing some of her reading clients and her best friend, she has had to contend with a serial killer running rampant in her city of New Orleans. She tries to go on with her daily life of running The Little Shop of Secrets but it has become more difficult all the time. On top of everything else, she seems to have developed some odd physical symptoms that she cannot explain.

Viktor Thorssen, vampire and private investigator, has searched for centuries to find his soul mate. Meeting Raven LeClaire made all of his dreams come true. They recognize each other from their past life together and remember the love they once shared. However, their current relationship is hard to keep on track with so many murders being committed around them.

Juliana Trudeau is the best friend of the last victim, Nanette Marchand, and she is in danger. Her new man fits all of the same criteria as the rest of the murderers but she cannot seem to see it. When she goes to see Raven for a reading, she gets a dire warning instead. Raven sees that Juliana’s life is in danger and that she will be the next victim unless she takes some immediate precautions.

There may be a lot of things going on with and around, Raven but there are still a couple more shocks for her before it is over. A stunning secret is revealed that might change her life, or she might just decide to leave everything and everyone behind. Love with Viktor has been all she ever hoped to have in a relationship. Of course, having a soul mate for a lover can make all the difference.

Yes, there is a lot ahead for Raven. If she can just live long enough to enjoy it.

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raven-collectionSeries Collection

This collection contains:

– Book 2: Sabine
– Book 3: Allegra
– Book 4: Nanette, and
– Book 5: Juliana

Find out how Raven and Viktor work together, despite their challenges, to try to save the killer’s newest victims, and save their relationship, too!

There may be a lot of things going on with and around, Raven but there are still a couple more shocks for her before it is over. A stunning secret is revealed that might change her life, or she might just decide to leave everything and everyone behind. Love with Viktor has been all she ever hoped to have in a relationship. Of course, having a soul mate for a lover can make all the difference.

Yes, there is a lot ahead for Raven. If she can just live long enough to enjoy it.

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